The Most Relaxing Song Ever

This had been found to be THE most relaxing song ever. This has been quantified by scientists who have analysed the sound waves of various pieces of music.

The tune ‘Weightless’ by the Manchester band Marconi Union, which you can play below slows down breathing and reduces brain wave activity and blood pressure.


The  song features guitar, piano and electronic samples of natural soundscapes.



The ambient song features guitar, piano and electronic samples of natural soundscapes.

One to add to a sleep sound machine? We think so!

What Is A Most Popular Genre Of Music?

Music GenreIf you wish to become a song writer, you must know which music genre is popular. This is important because it would help you to market your music in a better way as you get to know the preference of your audience. When you deal with most popular genre of music, it will help you get huge audience following which literally means good income, better exposure and loads of opportunity in the industry. Even though there are lots of music genres in the present scenario, latest information reveals that country music has surpassed other genres to grab the number one position in the music industry.

Why country music genre holds first position?          

Country music is one genre of music that is going strong for more than 300 years

  • However it gained popularity only in the 1920s
  • The journey of this music began when a team of Irish immigrants who settled in Appalachian mountains
  • They brought a long music instruments which they considered as their precious possessions
  • The fiddle was one among them that paved way to make country music filled with dynamic sound rangecountry music
  • Be it a joyful music or a sad note ,the Irish fiddle was able to play these notes of country music with great ease
  • When this instrument teamed up which instruments like Banjo used by West African’s, German’s dulcimer and Italian’s mandolin, the resulting music was mesmerizing.
  • In short the country music features a blend of cultures as you can find some notes influenced by Africans while some influenced by Europeans.
  • Later the style of country music began to evolve and grow as people pride to inhibit new elements making it much rich and exciting.

MusicAnother stunning aspect of country music apart from the instruments is the lyrics. In olden days the lyrics of the country music were much recognizable and each song would convey a different story that relates to the people’s agony, pain, joy or a lesson from life. However the modern trend has replaced it as one cannot find a story telling style in the songs these days. People prefer to hear the commercial type of country songs which have peppy music and matching lyrics.

Apart from these essential elements, another distinguishing feature of country music is that it has a peculiar twang to it that makes it stand a class apart from the rest.